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Friday, April 6, 2007

Here We Are by Dorothy Parker

For anyone who is married, whether you are newly weds or will be celebrating your golden anniversary, this story is for you. "Here we are" tells of a train ride that a newly married couple takes to get to their honeymoon destination. Along the way there are several misunderstandings between them. There are several underlying themes that run through this story: time, marriage and why we get married, sex, and our perspective on life. Throughout the story the exchanges become simple misunderstandings that seem to blow up into larger than life issues. The boy is obviously excited he is on his honeymoon and has his idea of what the perfect honeymoon night will be like. She, on the other hand, is thinking of letters she must write and simply trying to avoid the honeymoon. Ironically they are fighting on their wedding day and he states: "We won't ever fight any more, will we?" The statement "here we are, aren't we?" recurs throughout the story. It is as if this couple is unsure of what the future will hold, but they already have a precursor to the rest of their married life.


Regan said...

Sounds interesting. I need to look for some of these stories!

Regan said...

By the way, who is the author?

Aaron Bryan said...

Reg, I have put all of these stories and their authors in my list on the left entitled "The Best American Short Stories". The book that I am taking these from right now the called "The Best American Short Stories of the Century" Edited by John Updike with Katrina Kenison as the Co Editor.

Regan said...

Oh, okay! I thought maybe you had said something like that before, but I was too lazy to go back and look. Thanks!

shersy said...

Sounds like something along the lines of "Is this how you thought it was going to be?" - we say that to each other from time to time.