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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Gallatin Canyon by Thomas McGuane

Said my attorney: Make him mad. So I was headed to Rigby, ID, expressly to piss off a small town businessman. This story is about a man who is trying to make the buyer no want the property so that he can make more money off another prospective buyer. The story is very descriptive of his trip to Rigby as well as the town itself. After ticking the guy off in their meeting, the seller says: "Oren, I was attached to this little enterprise. I wanted to be sure you valued it." The seller, in his own mind, wants to sell to another person, but at the last minute decides to sell to the man. As he heads back home with Lousa, his girlfriend, a car pulls up behind them, puts their lights on bright and follows them...
I'll let you read the story to find out how it ends. (Aren't I mean?)
A great read, especially if you know anything about rural, and Rigby Idaho.

1 comment:

shersy said...

That is an interesting place for a story to take place. Interesting as in usual - because it's so rural! Anyway - you've got me curious!