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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Watermelon Days by Tom McNeal

If you think that as a mother you don't measure up to what you think is acceptable as a mother, read this story to see what a real terrible mom is like.
Doreen Sullivan lives in Philly and has a friend who writes a letter to her telling her she is in Yankton, South Dakota. She informs Doreen that the town is full of men and that she should join her. Three weeks later Doreen is working for the radio station WBDY in Yankton. She meets and marries Monty Longbaugh, a cowboy balladeer. In time Doreen becomes pregnant. She gets to the point where she feels that she cannot cook or clean and dumps these responsibilities on Monty. During this time there is a terrible drought. Doreen and Monty hire a nurse to help out around the house after the baby is born. A storm comes up and the nurse goes to shut the windows. "A moment later Doreen became again aware of the dim, stretched-out cries of a baby." The nurse said, "It's a funny storm. Edna Arlene don't like it."
"Edna Arlene?"
"Your baby, Mr. Longbaugh said that was her name, after his deceased mother." (Doreen had no say in naming the baby)
Ok, it might be a good indication of what kind of mother you are whether or not you know your child's name.
This story is about rushing into motherhood thinking that it is just a rite of passage that any woman can be ready for. The story revolves around the relationship (or lack thereof) between Doreen and Edna Arlene. Edna has a lisp that Doreen says that Monte imitates her lisp on the radio and everyone laughs (at Edna).
Hope that you enjoy Tom McNeal's story Watermelon Days.

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