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Monday, August 27, 2007

The Anointed by Kathleen Hill

"In Miss Hughe's seventh-grade music class, we were expected to sit without moving finger or foot while she played for us what she called 'the music of the anointed.'" Miss Hughe's hand could easily span more than an octave. Her lifelong dream was to be a concert pianist. She got into a ski accident where she broke three fingers that never fully healed, and thus ended her piano career. One quiet student, Norman, is also a gifted student who suddenly loses his dad. Miss Hughes plays Mozart's Requiem -- a prayer for the dead.
"You will hear the music that I am about to play for you a prayer for the dead, a prayer that they may at last find the peace that so often escapes us in life. Because boys and girls, in praying for the dead we are praying for ourselves in that hour when we, too, far away as that hour might seem to us now, be joining their ranks."
Below is a link to "Requiem for a Tower" which contains Mozart's famous Requiem.

1 comment:

Ken Hendricks said...

I have a copy of Mozart's Requiem which you may borrow. It is beautiful and moving music. I highly recommend it. It is sad that in the 200 years since Mozart music has degenerated from that height to what pop culture now considers music.