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Monday, August 20, 2007

The Fix by Percival Everett

Just as da Vinci dreamed up the Vitruvian Man, so too has Everett portrayed the perfect man in "The Fix". While da Vinci's deals more with the mathematical calculations and exactness of the human body, Everett shows us a simple, yet perfect man named Sherman Olney. One day Douglas Langly discovers Sherman outside his sandwich shop being beaten by thugs. Douglas scares them off and takes Sherman in. Sherman miraculously fixes everything brought to him--all anyone has to do is ask for Sherman to fix something. From Douglas's broken refrigerator to a woman needing help with a crumbling marriage, Sheman can fix it all. Everyone in town soon discovers Sherman's gift for fixing things and comes to him to get something "fix"ed. He performs a miracle and then runs away knowing that word will get around.
"You have to be careful about what you fix. If you fix the valves in an engine, but the bearings are shot, you'll get more compression, but the engine will still burn up. If you irrigate a desert, you might empty a sea. It's a complicated business, fixing things."


shersy said...

I agree that it is a complicated business, fixing things! What a fun sounding story. Thanks for always having some great reading suggestions here, Aaron~!

Lisa said...

Holy Cow! How do you find the time to read so many books...I must say I am jealous...I just ordered four books on-line and hope to read them all by the end of September...the only thing that is holding me back is the fact that I am still not done with Harry Potter!

Kari said...

There all just short stories Lisa, he keeps trying to get me to read them, maybe one day. I prefer cheesy romance novels :)
I like the pictures honey! They make it more fun to look at