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Sunday, November 11, 2007

America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones by Antony C Sutton

Allow me to digress from my usual short story diatribes to explore a book I recently read. This book is one of the most enlightening I have read regarding one of the most dangerous and influential secret combinations in America today. The origins of this society are not fully known, but there is speculation that this order began sometime from 1790 to 1800 which was when another secret society Illuminati was eliminated by the Bavarian Elector. The premise of this book is that Skull & Bones is a secret society whose origins here in America begin at Yale University and whose members include some of the biggest movers and shakers to influence every aspect of American society and that seeks to establish a New World Order. Antony C Sutton, the book's author ties historical evidence of several men to the workings of the Order. Mr. Sutton poses three hypothesises:
One: A secret society dominated by old line American families and new wealth has existed from 1833 to the present day.
Families who are members of this secret society are the Tafts, the Rockerfeller family (Standard Oil), the Payne family (Standard Oil), the Davison family (JP Morgan), and Pillsbury family (flour milling) just to name a few.
Two: The Order has penetrated every segment of American society. Examples include The Executive Branch (George W Bush [43rd President]), Banking Federal Reserve (Pierre Jay [1st Chairman of the New York Federal Reserve), Law (influential law firms), Education, Media, Business, etc.
Three: The Order uses the Hegelian Dialectic (German ideology) process to bring about a society in which the state is absolute; all powerful. (sound eerily similar to the novel 1984.
The Order of Skull & Bones (which is a BRANCH of the secret foreign society) thrives on conflict and is neither "right" nor "left" but has key players in all political spectrum to be able to "win" no matter what happens. This book is a definite read for all those who wish to learn and know that there are very wicked men in America today. This Order is so wicked that Mr. Sutton argues that The Order financed not only Hitler but also helped the Soviet Union build up their technology. It really wouldn't surprise me if others such as Osama Bin Laden have similar ties to this secret organization. But that's just my opinion. Go check the book out for yourself: you may learn something new.
George W Bush: "My senior year, I joined Skull and Bones, a secret society, so secret I can't say anything more."


shersy said...

This sounds like one of those conspiracy theory books....not that I've read any of them. It's always good to look at things in a new light!

TSSlaughter said...

Hey Everyone,

Speaking of Skull & Bones . . .

I write to talk about my new gay-themed, campy slasher "Skull &
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Audience members at private New York screenings have described the
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"Skull & Bones" receives 4 stars (out of 5) from The Coroner's
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My influences include early Wes Craven and John Waters, Tobe Hooper,
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Multiple-award- winning Executive Editor Spencer Schilly also edited
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All the music in the film is performed by the filmmakers and their
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The snakes and tarantula used in the final torture sequence are
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Sincerely, T.S. Slaughter, writer/director