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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Why many people stop doing or don't start doing their Family History

So this week has been busy with work etc, but I did find some time to review my paf file and see what has or hasn't been done yet. And I discovered something: all of the names in my current paf file (on my side of the family) have no sources listed. Whether or not this is intended for me to find sources for all of them is not clear, but I do know that there is still a lot of work to do. I think that most people avoid doing their family history, especially those of the LDS faith, for two main reasons: someone else in their family is supposedly the only one required or necessary to do the work, or two, all of their work has been done. I will speak to the latter. I hardly believe that ALL of the work has been done: independently researching, verifying, or rechecking others' work must be done to ensure accuracy that all lines have verifiable sources cited. Then there is the temple work. One fact is true: it hasn't all been done. Each one of us have two parents and four grandparents that double every generation. At the 10th generation you have 512 ancestors (not counting the thousands of children they had). My longest line goes back 14 generations. The author of the aforementioned book has gone back 16 generations on one line. If he had all of their work done that would be nearly 33,000 ancestors. The author states that he received an email from someone stating that they were working on their 31st generation. If he had all the work done that would be for more than 1 billion, with seventy three million direct fore bearers... My point is this. If you think that ALL the work has been done for your ancestors, think again. The most exciting part of doing my family history is using tools that no other generation has had access to: the Internet. This will be the subject of my next post.

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shersy said...

Did you see that Ensign article about temple work. They traced their family back 150 generations!It's worth looking at if you haven't. Here's the link:
We all have a part to play - thank goodness they are all different and complimentary!