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Saturday, February 16, 2008


Sometimes you get lucky. No, I'm not talking about 40 foot chip shots or 30 foot putts against Ken on his Wii Golf game. Working on his line has proved fruitful. I have been able to collaborate with others to be able to find an additional 80+ individuals on Ken's paternal line. It has been so exciting to have such a keeps me interested enough to continue my newfound hobby. I plan to see if there is any work that needs to be done for these individuals. These past two weeks have been the most depressing and yet the happiest. As one person told me "welcome to the hobby that never ends"


Lechelle said...

So did the Edward line work out?

Aaron said...

Yes it did Lechelle. Thanks for asking. I was pleasantly surprised that it worked out and now I have almost 50 more names to take to the temple. I would really like to have Ken and Kathy double date with Kari and me for a night or two at the temple to get some of the work done. The key to all of this success is finding others who are researching the same lines you are and comparing and verifying the information.