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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Other Woman by Sherwood Anderson

This story says it all from the first sentence: "I am in love with my wife," he said --- a superflous remark, as I had not questioned his attachment to the woman he had married.
This is a story written by Sherwood Anderson. The theme of this revolves around the idea of fidelity both in letter and in spirit. The man is engaged to be married and has just received a promotion in a government position. All day long he is with his fiancee, and has friends all around wishing him well and congratulating him on his success. But when he goes home at night he is lonely. He meets another woman....This short story is one of the shorter stories I have read. In all it is only 3 and 1/2 pages double sided long. A great read...

1 comment:

shersy said...

This made me think of that new movie out - I think I love my Wife. It's rated R so I probably won't see it till it's out on TV - edited. It did look like it had funny spots - maybe too close to home ;) I'll have to add this to my list to check out one of these days.