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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Zelig by Benjamin Rosenblatt

Zelig is a powerful story about generational gaps. Old Zelig lives in the Ghetto of Manhattan who lives to work. He is an anachorism who thinks only in the past, always working, never enjoying life nor reflecting joy to his family. Zelig's wife wails "Our son is ill, ...our grandson is no more a baby; he'll soon need money for his studies. Dark is my would; you are killing both of them." Zelig's son dies which sets into motion Zelig's increased desire to "[sail] back to Russia, 'to die at home at last'". His only desire is to save in order to return to his motherland. Zelig's grandson has quit his studies only to work for Zelig. The grandmother wants him to be able to study to escape the life of poverty Zelig has lived. One of the last lines that adds a happy twist to the story is: "You hate to look at granpa; he is your enemy; eh?"


shersy said...

Haven't read this....sounds interesting (if that's the right word). I re-read the Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman the other day - it was darker than I remembered. I guess I need to read more short stories! Keep posting and sharing stuff we should check out!

shersy said...

I read the poetry link - that was really nice - I have one to share with you - one of my favorites:
Let me know what you think.

Aaron Bryan said...

I absolutely love The Spark. I think I have read it, but it is always nice to go back again. I enjoy the flow of the language he doesn't seem to make you tired while reading it out loud. A very good poem indeed