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Friday, April 27, 2007

The Resemblance Between a Violin Case and a Coffin by Tennessee Williams

Told from the perspective of a little boy, this story is a fascinating tale of the coming of age and leaving behind childhood. His sister (always referred to as "my sister") is a piano prodigy who falls madly obsessed with Richard, a violinist who was to play a duet with her in the fall concert. The younger brother also falls in love with Richard, rather follows suit with everything his sister does. His sister is able to perform with her practices with her teacher, but the moment she accompanies Richard, she blunders and is as if she were a novice. The climax is the night of the recital, which in order to find out you will have to read.
The story as a whole depicts both a young boy and his older sister going through monumental phases in their lives. Truly a must read for anyone wishing to know the inner workings of prepubescent minds.
One must always remember that an author's life could play a large role in stories they write. Tennessee Williams was gay (as is the boy), and he has an older sister named Rose, (as does the boy in this story)


shersy said...

I hadn't realized as I read it that it was a boy speaking - I must have missed that early was a different perspective the way I read it. :) Thanks!

Aaron said...

I, too, read it as if a girl were speaking the first time around. But after reading it through 3 times now I can really hear the voice of a young boy.

Anonymous said...

Is the body english for real? SSLove Grandpa