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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bright Winter by Anna Keesey

This is an interesting short story as it is simply a one sided story told from a father. A father is writing his wayward son who has joined the Millerites. This story was born on someone suggesting that the author write a story about the people who sat in the fields waiting for God to take them to heaven. The author notes that "This person was speaking about the followers of William Miller, who believed Miller had deciphered from the Bible the precise date of Christ's return to earth." She goes on to say that a year later the Branch Davidian compound burned.

Both of these events contributed to this wonderful story. As the father writes letters unheeded to his wayward son the story unfolds and we are able to see beyond the quill and ink of the letters he wrote as well as feel the sorrow and shame caused by his son. This is another great story that reminds me of another 'one sided narrative' short story but I've read so many that I'll have to think about it and post later which story it reminds me of.

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