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Thursday, December 13, 2007

True or False

See if you can determine which story is false:
1. I grew up in the country with a field behind our house. While growing up it would be fun to explore. One day I went out and carefully crawled under the electric fence on my way to explore some lava beds further out in the field. However, upon returning, I forgot that it was electrifed. I had one leg through the bottom two barbed wires and my body folded in half crossing through the fence when I distincly remember hearing a buzzing sound that got louder and louder coming from both sides when all of a sudden I was blown back about 10 feet into the field. I lay there for a time and was too afraid to cross even under the fence for fear of similar consequenses.

2. While walking along a lonely street one day on my mission my companion and I noticed a man coming towards us. Suddenly, he raised his shotgun at us and continued down the street. We were pretty shooken up but passed without incident.

3. I was born premature, 3 months premature to be exact. While prematurity was not uncommon, my preliminary weight was a mere 1 and 1/2 pounds. I spent four months in the hospital before I could go home.


Kari said...

I guess #2 is false

Anonymous said...

I guess #1 is false.

shersy said...

I'm thinking #2 - but I've blocked out a lot of memories :) so it's mostly a guess. Love you!