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Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Toy

So I went out and bought my very first laptop. It is an HP Pavillion. It has 2 GB of ram and 250 GB of space. And I got it at a reasonable price. Now I'm checking out all the fun things to do with it. Like the webcam for example. I showed Parker and KC how it works and they got all excited. Now we can send clips or pictures anytime we want to more distant family. One of the nice things about my job is that I actually understand what to look for in a computer and what really matters. I made this purchase to be able to do my family history work and other various projects. Now Kari has her laptop and I have mine. It works out great if both of us want to be working on the computer. At least I can sit next to her anywhere in the house instead of being tethered to the antiquated laptop I was using. I guess I will have to learn Vista as it is on my laptop...but it does seem that all of my software plays well with it. Anyway, we had a great weekend up in Idaho and enjoyed seeing most of the my family. And it was good to get away from the Utah inversion for a few days.
Other than a migraine that kicked in this afternoon today has been great. Work is keeping me busy which is nice. And I enjoy coming home each night to my family. I have a great life.

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