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Saturday, March 8, 2008

An unknown piece of history...

I just love it when I come across family history jewels. I ran across one while I was working on our Eastman Line, in particular George Washington Eastman. George was born in 1815 in Mexico, Oxford County, Maine. On the 7th of November 1850 he is living in Springfield Illinois. And I discovered that his next door neighbor is Abraham Lincoln. Yes, that Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln is married by this time to Mary Todd and they have a son, Robert, who is 7 years old in 1850. At first I was sceptical that this was indeed the right Abraham Lincoln.
My first clue that tipped me off was on the actual census page (Springfield Illinois 1850) there is a large arrow pointing to Abram Lincoln's line. Secondly, I looked up a website that would help me corroborate my theory. You can view it for yourself:
So, I verified that he was married by this time to Mary, and also that he has a son (Robert) at this time, and that he is living in Springfield Illinois at this time frame. Although he had lived in a boarding home in Washington DC, he moved his family to Illinois to start his own law office and go around the 8th Circuit to 14 different counties in Illinois. The census shows that he is in fact an attorney at law. Yes, this is the Abraham Lincoln who would become the 16th President of the United States. The picture on the right shows Lincoln around 1846.
It is amazing the things you come across doing a little digging around...

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