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Monday, May 26, 2008

Chicago -- Part 3 (Pictures)

The "L" from the street. The sound is deafening while it zips on past.

The Famous Chicago Theater. Pretty cool pic to have and I haven't a clue who Eddie Izzard is...

Beautiful Chicago! I love the architechture...

I think this is called Seventeeth something church.

This is nicknamed the seashell something, but pretty.

Another photo. I wouldn't want to back my car into one of these parking spots!

The famous House of Blues. Sorry for the not so great pic.

Chicago Skyline from the Shedd aquarium. You can see Lake Michigan in the pic.

I believe this is the Hancock Building which is almost as tall as the Sears Tower.

I can't remember which building this is but it is beautiful!

Another shot with the river that flows through the city.

Nice clock tower.

From the Aquarium

Here are some pics of some sea horses. Sorry for the bad pics. They were quite the sight!

Sea Turtle.

Ugly fish.

More ugly fish.


Boa constricter.

String ray.

Yellow frog.

Blue frog.

Sting ray.

Beautiful fountain near downtown.

The Sears Tower.

The L.

A dark alley.

Downtown about 6 pm. No wonder it was dark!

The L from my room window. (At least I wasn't on the 5th floor as my boss was--I was on the 9th floor...)

Construction project going on right next to our hotel. (The city had construction going on everywhere!)

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