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Monday, August 11, 2008

10 Year Reunion

I really enjoyed my 10 year reunion in Idaho this past weekend. There was a pretty good turnout to both the picnic as well as the dinner. I was a bit nervous wondering who would be there and the emotions flooding back from the high school years. Everyone seemed relaxed and happy to be at the reunion. I enjoyed seeing old friends and was surprised that Danny and Mardi are just a stone's throw away in Mapleton! We look forward to catching up and renewing friendships. It was amusing that when asked if we wanted to have a 15 year reunion no one raised their hand to vote. Almost everyone raised their hand when asked if we would wait another 10 years to have it at the 20 year mark. I had a prime seat next to Chad Whitworth who seemed to know where everyone was as well as what they were doing. I assume that because Chad works for snap-on tools that he has the chance to travel around the area and see what everyone else is doing. It was great. One couple drove 3 days from North Carolina for the reunion. The person who traveled the farthest was a toss up between Steve Hernandez (who works for the government in Washington, D.C., and Nathan Hammond who is finishing his PhD at MIT in Boston. All in all it was great to get so see them as well as my family. We don't get up that way as much as I'd like to.

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