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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gravestone Rubbing

My new found terminology: the practice of creating a rubbing by depositing a rendering material such as charcoal, wax or graphite on paper placed over the engraved surface of a gravestone in order to obtain an image of the stone's lettering and designs.
I have been looking at some headstones and haven't been able to decipher some of the names and information on them. Thus, I will see if I can have a helper do some gravestone rubbing for me. It might be an extra trip for them but it might help with dates and names. Here is an example of one of the gravestones:
I have had what I would consider some success with my family history. Several people have noted the amount of information I have been able to find and the contacts I have come across. I guess some success has been "beginner's luck", but I know that there are no such things as "accidents". Everything happens for a reason, and I just hope that I am able to contribute to my family history to leave a legacy for those who come after me.

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