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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And they're off!!!...well almost

Today was first day back to school at UVU. I, along with forty others, waited for our 5:30 pm Accounting class to begin. After half an hour of waiting I, and several others got up and left. Not the best way to begin the school year. I'm sure that our teacher has a reasonable answer for their absence. Oh well, I figure I'm only out $40, but I do wonder what happens to the $1,600 for each class where the teacher doesn't show. Do they still get paid?
On a lighter note, I got a great portable hard drive in the mail. This was a deal I couldn't pass up: 750 GB for just over $120. That makes it unbeatable to any other offer out there. Any other that I found would be the same cost (or more) for 160 GB. Now I have all the space I need to put Family History files on, as well as back up pictures. I found this deal on

1 comment:

Ken Hendricks said...

I've wondered that myself. I pay just about $100 per lecture at USU. Usually we are relieved not to have class but you pay for it just the same. What a racket. Good luck with the classes. I know that it's a pain to have to deal with that in addition to everything else you do.