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Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Faithful Wife by Morley Callaghan

George has worked at a restaurant for several years. Everyday would draw the daily crowd as well as others due to their proximity to the train station. George got to know a lot of people but one woman. Every day at noon she would pass the restaurant without even a glance inside. This bothered George and he found himself thinking of her often. The last night he worked at the restaurant he went for a walk. While he was out the mysterious woman calls. He calls her back and finds out that she wants to see him that night. He hesitantly goes to her house. They kissed and held each other. The woman tells him that her roommate will be back soon and he needs to go. George knows that she is married due to the ring mark on her finger. She admits that she is married but her husband is in a sanitarium from his injuries during the war. By this time George has fallen in love with her. She insists he goes. “As he went out the door and down the walk to the street he remembered that he hadn’t asked her how she had found out his name . . . All he could think of was that he ought to go back to the restaurant and ask Steve for his job again. Steve was fond of him. But he knew he could not spoil it for her. ‘She had it all figured out,’ he muttered, turning up his coat collar.”

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