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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Family History Breakthrough

I have been diligently working on my Bryan line of my family history. Last night I received a nice surprise. A gentleman by the name of Thomas Kerwin, who belongs to the Kansas genealogy forum, replied to a query about QV's father. He shared some information that I was unaware of, which provided a possible lead on my Bryan line. I was surprised to find that the census record he directed me to was under the name of Quintillus V Byrum. (a surname I had not yet tried to search for.) He noted that this 1920 census lists QV and his second wife. I already knew QV had a second wife; Grandpa had given me a picture of her, but who also stated that he didn't know much about her other than she had married QV, took his money, and skipped town. Although there are some negative feelings toward his second wife, I feel that all avenues should be pursued when researching family history. Maybe there will be other leads off of working back from her and to the future from her to see if anyone has any information on the Bryan line.
I have attached a picture of QV's second wife whose name I now know: Lydia.

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