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Saturday, September 13, 2008

How Embarrasing!

It was such a fun day for us! We went to Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake where we enjoyed the fall-like weather. While there I was bending down to pick up KC before going into one of the buildings. Then the most terrible sound you can hear -- riiiip! There is only 2 things that I know of that sound like a ripping: 1) a sheet of paper being torn in half, and 2) an article of clothing ripping. Unfortunately, it was the latter of the two for me. I felt quite a draft on my backside and leaned up against a fence to inform Ken and Kari of my predicament. The both had goofy grins on their faces and said "Turn around..." I obliged. I felt like I was standing there naked. It was uncomfortable to put it mildly. After an initial examination both Ken and Kari felt that it wasn't noticeable. Then Ken asks me to take a walk, similar to what you would do trying on shoes. Then Kari said that she would walk behind me. Ken said he would buy a shirt that I could tie around my waist. I was able to enjoy the remainder of the zoo with a tie-dyed shirt tied around my waist.


Sue said...

Two things come to mind--you have gained a bit of weight and now those clothes may be a little tight. I remember the day my pants ripped at school when I bent down. Luckily the librarian lent me a sweater that I tied around my waist until I could go home and change. It IS embarrassing to say the least.

Ginna said...

well tie die can fix any ill, right?
good story!