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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Hiatus

Due to the Christmas holiday I have imposed a hiatus on my short story analysis. This is also due to the fact that I don't feel like studying if I don't have to. As I am done with the Fall semester until January 2nd, I feel that I deserve a break. However, I do feel compelled to disclose some recent personal experiences.
I, like many others, feel that as I finish a class and don't need to keep the textbook, that it is customary to return the book for a refund. I went to return my Business Law book to the school bookstore. The gentleman at the register thumbed through the book a few times noting the highlighting and notation. He took the book to his supervisor who also performed this procedure also. The cashier returned and refused to accept the textbook noting that there was too much highlighting and notation. I explained that I purchased the book in this condition and had not added anything to it. I also noted that the handwriting was almost as well done as the typing of the text itself. He stated that it was their policy not to receive books in this condition. So, I drove down the street to sell the book back to Beat the Bookstore. They gladly received the book and offered a very nice amount in return. With this store credit I have been able to buy my Calculus workbook for the Spring semester. I highly doubt that I will ever have to return to the school bookstore again.
On another note, I am taking Organizational Behavior as a class requisite to continuing on to an MBA degree. One of the required texts is "7 habits of highly effective people" by Steven Covey. I procured the ISBN and saw that on that the text would cost me a mere 75 cents but that the shipping would be at least $4. So I took Parker to our nearby Savers (similar to DI but more orderly and better condition of items). Lo and behold, I came upon the very book that I needed. The printed cost of the book from the publisher was $10. The Savers sticker noted that the cost would be $.99. Sweet. I love Savers. Oh, and both books are in nearly new condition with no highlighting or handwriting.
Next, I have been busily working on my family history through I came across a wonderfully documented and researched tree that I began to add individuals to my tree from. This tree has more stories, photos and documents attached to it than any other tree I have encountered in I stepped away for a couple of days and when I returned I could not remember where this person's tree tied in with mine! I was almost to the point of hysteria, ok not hysteria, but to the point of beginning to delete individuals from my tree. I figured that because I didn't know why or where they tied in that it would be pointless to have them in my tree. So, I took a detour and returned to my PAF file on my computer. Because I had not yet downloaded the new additions to my tree in my PAF program that I would be able to see who I tied in with. I soon discovered that my great great grandmother's brother married a woman from this other tree. Now I know how we tie in. Whew! I visited the owner of the tree's personal description page: Her Family History specialty is photos and stories. Sweet.
Lastly, I have finally gotten my left hearing aid back from getting re-cased. Basically anything you put in your ear is seen as an intruder by your body. Over time the hearing aid casing wears thin. Combined with the accidental dropping of the hearing aid on the bathroom floor caused a large crack around the circumference of the casing. The audiologist mentioned on December 6th that the turnaround would be about a week. If you want to know what it feels like to not have one hearing aid for almost two weeks, next time you go swimming place one of your ears in the water while keeping the other out of the water.
Have a very Merry Christmas!


shersy said...

Oh my goodness! About the hearing aid that is :) I need to get back on to Ancestry and see all that you are doing. Glad you were able to get some $$ out of that book! Loves!

Sue said...

Hey, that sounds like a good price on the books. Emmanuel has a bunch of books he never returned to the bookstore after his bout with school last summer. Would that Better Than the Bookstore take them back? They do say BYU Bookstore on them. I was thinking about E-bay also. What do you think?

Sue said...

OK so there are only two books that I can find. One is a math book and the other is about connecting to the arts. Glad you got your hearing aid back.

Aaron said...

Yes, Mom. Beat the bookstore will most likely take them back. He can either get a check or store credit.