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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and So Forth

Mark Prosser is a high school teacher. The first line of his thoughts wonders if Gloria Andrews would wear that sweater . . . with very short sleeves. Prosser and his class are studying Macbeth which Mr. Prosser wants to help them understand. Being typical high school students, the boys try to impress the girls, especially Gloria. Mr. Prosser also understands what they are thinking and feeling. During recitations Mr. Prosser sees Gloria pass Peter, her classmate, a note. He immediately seizes upon the note. He opens and reads "Pete -- I think you're wrong about Mr. Prosser. I think he's wonderful and I get a lot out of his class. He's heavenly with poetry. I think I love him. I really do love him. So there."
After class Gloria is instructed to remain behind. Mr Prosser begins: "It is not only rude to scribble when a teacher is talking, it is stupid to put one's words down on paper, where they look much more foolish than they might have sounded if spoken."
"What was it, Mark asked himself, these young people were after? What did they want?" After Gloria leaves the phys-ed teacher, Strunk, comes in to share the daily gossip. He tells Prosser how Gloria had written the same love note to Murchison that same day and that the same thing had happened to Fryeburg the day before. Mr. Prosser is incredulous but maintains a disinterest in the story. He really believed that he was the one she loved. The last line of the story sums up the story: "The girl had been almost crying; he was sure of that."

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Peter said...

awful summary, left out many details