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Sunday, April 5, 2009

A $100 value for only $24.95!

This past week I did some research on printing a pedigree chart on a poster size paper so that I could more easily see where I could focus my energies. I have found it frustrating to only view four to six generations on my computer screen. So, I found some sites where you can send them your gedcom file and they would print the file on a large roll of paper. Some offered to print it on a sheet 40' long at 3' wide. For some reason, the idea of scrolls with wooden rollers didn't appeal to me to view my ancestry. I found a very helpful place called the Family History Center in the BYU Harold B Lee library. My one concern was to find a printer who could do this within my budget. Most of the printers I came across charged anywhere from a few to many dollars per linear foot. No matter how many names you have on your tree you too can have your pedigree chart printed for $24.95 (shipping included). What happens is this: You go online to the website which will redirect you to the family history/computer science department at BYU that will print it for you to a maximum size of 3.5' by 6' and hold up to 50 generations. You first need to download the software from their site. I would highly recommend using the older software (NOT the 3.0 Beta version - I had some issues with it...) to your computer. Once you have the software (free software) you upload a gedcom file to it. You work through the wizard to optimize the print of your pedigree. The software will save the project as a .pdf file that will allow you to clearly see how the chart will appear on one sheet of paper. You then go back to their website and start the wizard to upload your .pdf file and pay for the printing. Within a few days the document can be picked up at the Family History Center in the Harold B Lee library on the BYU campus or it will be mailed to you in a convenient and sturdy tube. I have been thoroughly impressed with the quality of the paper as well as the clarity of the paper so that I can see thousands of ancestors on one sheet and at a glance determine where to work.

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